The Neutral continent where players can go to Le Velza or Galm to have fun and games.

NeutralLe Velza ColosseumEdit


Notable PlacesEdit

  • [D:4] Colosseum
  • [C:6] <Appearance> Roxy
  • [D:5] <Bank> Sisler
  • [D:5] <EX-Bank> Jonnie
  • [D:5] <Recieving> Woce
  • [E:4] <Tool Shop>Judas
  • [E:6] <shipping> Ashel
  • [G:4] <Inn> Maylie
  • [G:6] Aibo
  • [G:7] <Recycle> Chilce

NeutralGalm Amusement ParkEdit


Notable PlacesEdit

  • [C:6] <Inn> Nawi
  • [D:4] <Tool Shop> Noir
  • [D:5] <Shipping> Tak
  • [E:4] Casino
  • [E:4]<EX-Bank> Liqueur
  • [E:4] <Training Grounds> Gateu
  • [G:5] <Recycle> Genger
  • [G:5] <Shipping> Neiva

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