Stranded is a term for immobilized characters (only by ice type mage moves as far as i know). During battle the word "rooted" will appear as these characters are frozen, and can only be frozen by ice javelin and blizzard caress. freezing time lasts between 1 and 5 seconds and players are instantly unstranded upon being hit once with an attack. The ideal situation is for a player to be frozen and hit with a high damage move (heavy smash or smash spam from 2h warriors, punishing strike from dagger scouts, powershot by bow scouts, stun from shield warriors, or hellfire from fire type mages) Although most players know this, you will find that the rooting status is often removed from the character by an annoying stray attack such as dragon tail, or by small damage attacks like eagle shot or air raid by "less informed" players... newbies =3=