Spark Flare


Level 3 Fire must be learned



Pw Cost


Usable Class



Fire Branch

AoE type



Burning(18/25/32 every 3s) x4

Additional Notes

a two part attack that consists of a bullet and explosion

Spark flare (fire C) can be acquired after getting Fire A, or fireball to level 3. It is a prerequisite along with fire lance (fire B) to get to level 3 in order to use Hellfire (fire D). Spark flare is a useful move in the fire skill chain, being the longest distance AoE move in the fire chain. Although it does low initial damage, it causes burning-a DoT effect- which by level 3, adds up to enormous total damage. The move looksvery similar to a dragon's fireball effect, though does less damage. Upon fired it looks just like fireball or fire lance, but the explosion on impact requires much less effort to hit a person. its significant 65 pw requirement makes it usually unspammable, but it is a very good support move when fighting large groups, hitting the evasive attacker or runner, causing flinching, and flushing out the hidden scout you may come across.


  • Best used at choke points!
  • Try to hit a cluster of enemies with this skill to gain large PC damage
  • If you fire from under a bridge the skill will still be able to hit those on the bridge

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