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To make you more easy to coperate with each others, it is reommended to view this page.


- if the level is below 20, you must stay near the crystal and collect it.

- no random building, e.g. build a ob near the castle or too far away.

- you should not stand by when you have joined the war

- when some enemies are freezed, you should the warriors to fight them

Any breaking of the above rule may be kicked(sometime may not)


- it is suggested to finish the newbie mission before entering any wars if you create a new character

- if your level is below 20, it is suggested to summon any sumnons, you will get higher exp.

- it is suggested you to be a warrior, HK people may say thank you due to lack if warrior

- if you are a scocerer, it is suggested that to learn ice and fire skills.


- If you want to buy arbs, I suggest you to buy them by paypal.

Go to the official site for more information

Reference linksEdit

HKFez forum

HKFez Official Website

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