Introduction Edit

As more and more US players want to try playing on Hong Kong server, I think it is essential to write a registration guide. (There are another easier registration guide, please read "New registration method (without beanfun)".)

Note Still out of Date!

Registration Step Edit

First please visit this page.

Then click on the button on ther page that says Free

Beanfun will now detect if you have beanfun on your computer, if not it will install it for you. After that go to your download folder or where you saved it and run the install program.

Next the following should appear as a popup window. Fill it out according. Beware that you can only create a beanfun account by using a gmail/ email account. No other english other foreign emails are accepted. It's recommended to use gmail account for this.


Next select on the boxed item at the top of the screen shown below to be taken to the below page

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Click on the play button


Next click on the boxed item shown above to create a FEZ username


Enter any username you like for FEZ and check the box for agreement of FEZHK's ToS. and hit the green button
Next click on the username for the game to start.


After that from now on you can access FEZ from the green controller at the bottom and click FEZ.