Official ShopBasic InformationEdit

When a nation has successfully captured 12/20 mission maps, its official shop opens allowing players to buy equipment for their characters; which is generally much better than the ones found in the ring shops. However this is only available for week and as the official shop opens the official shop count is reset.


When a nation recieves more than 12 mission maps a rare mob called Nidhogg can spawn in Advanced Twilight Weapons Mission Quest. The spawn rate for Nidhogg is current number captured minus 12 equals the spawn rate

Official ShopWeekly Official ShopEdit


Netzavare Yelsord Hordaine Gevrandia Cesedria
[E:6] [B:3] [E:6] [G:5] [D:4]

The official shop will always have a specific type of item for each slot of the shop during opening. Below is a table of items guaranteed to show up in the official shop.


Warrior Armor Male Warrior Armor Female 1-H Sword Greatsword/Polearm
Scout Armor Male Scout Armor Female Dagger Gun/Bow
Sorcerer Armor Male Sorcerer Armor Female Familiar/Staff Shield
Rapier Manifester Acessories Random

Official ShopWeekly UpdateEdit






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