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They are Seen by No One, However, They See All the Gods

King ces

A ceremonial head of state.

The Sacred Queen Tivarece is the leader of the Royal Alliance of Cesedria, which controls the Akelnar Continent. Cesedria has recently declared independence from the Gevrandian Empire; enthroning their own ruler for their new country. The incumbent queen's bloodline drawing many supporters to her cause.

Since none of the founding countries relinquished their thrones with the establishment of the Royal Alliance, the official title of the person that stands at the top of the Alliance is "Sacred King" or "Sacred Queen." For this reason, the country is also known as the Cesedria Kingdoms.

Emperor Lyle of Gevrandia keeps a careful eye on Cesedria and the country is, at least on the surface, peaceful. King Huenkel of nearby Netzavare avoids using the title "Queen" when addressing the country. At a time when humans rule the land, many troubles await the future of this country and the elf at its helm.

Sacred Queen Tivarece, a female elf brought to the country by Cesedria founding hero General Winvene, is said to be a descendent of the First King. Tivarece has many supporters both in Cesedria and abroad. However, many also oppose having an elf as supreme ruler. She is constantly exposed to danger, which is why she usually has Winvene protecting her.

Tivarece is gentle in temper. She exceedingly favors peace. She's generally ignorant of the ways of the world and for most purposes is not actually in control of the kingdom. Ever the optimist, she firmly believes that her vassals work for the purposes of peace. She has garnered absolute popularity from her subjects due to her lineage, beauty, and sincerity.

However, she has also garnered criticsm for a number of reasons.

1) General Winvene is the one that brought her to power. Since she doesn't actually command any political influence, it can be said that Winvene brought her in to support his rebellion against Gevrandia.

2) The Royal Alliance itself is a culmination of smaller states that, while united against Gevrandia, hold no loyalty to their "Sacred Queen". Often, Winvene is regarded as the de facto leader who controlls the fledgeling multistate.

3) The perception of her gender draws distaste in the eyes of many, as she strereotypically portrays the classic image of a helpless female. Even the famed Vadrithe, Queen of Hordaine, does not view her with regard.

4) She has a naive view of the world, and does not realize how fragile her Royal Alliance is in the eyes of many.

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