Hide - Scout SkillEdit

Hide has no requirements, and is shared by dagger,bow and gun scoutsEdit

Img play skill scout 01 Hide Briefly become invisible to the enemy
Lv Power



Effects SP Cost
1 50 Hide effect

(120 seconds/Reduce speed to 75% and defense by 20)

Initial Skill
2 50 Hide effect

(155 seconds/Reduce speed to 85% and defense by 15)

3 50 Hide effect

(195 seconds/Reduce speed to 90%, and defense by 10)


Use in WarEdit

Hide is the most basic and essential skill to utilized by every type of scout. It can help a scout escape aggro, and other PC's. Be aware the Undead can still see you through Hide, so be cautious with them.
When you are in "hide", your player model dissapears. However, enemy players are still able to see you under these effects:

-When under the effects of a debuff.

-Ripples in the water

-The enemy cursor is still able to pick up on your location.

-A fencer class ability.

Note:That a player still can also hear you while you are hidden. They can hear: