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But Because No One Loves His Own Country Because It Is Great

Emperor Lyle Q'velda Gevrand, leader of the Gevrandian Empire rules the entirety of the Strictor Continent.

Gevrandia is ruled by the sword, a militant country that has survived eras of conflict. Numerous insurrections blight the fattened plains of Gevrandia, as the country decays thanks to the country's selfish aristocrats. However, Emperor Lyle, recently risen to power, seeks to put an end to the country's stangnant government.

Emperor Lyle was originally disinherited due to his birth to a common mother, though he emerged into the limelight thanks to strife within the Gevrandia court. He is actually the bastard child of former Gevrandia Emperor Glugue. Lyle was raised in the slums and initially hated the thought of taking the throne. However, he eventually decides to reform the country after remembering the turmoil of his childhood.

Lyle is highly loved by his people, to the extent that they call him their "Freedom Emperor". In turn, his fellow relatives of royal birth despise him for his popularity and his bastard heritage, referring to him as the "Robber Emperor".

The incumbent emperor doesn't like to deal with strict rules and ceremonies and hates the royal family though he is in fact one of them, his brother essentially does most of the actual government work. He sometimes claims to go off to inspect the country only to go enjoy a night out on the town. He spends his energy trying to create a world without haves and have-nots.


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