• You can trick an enemy if they are chasing you by jumping on the wall then press E or Q before you slide back down to do a sideways wall jump off the cliff.
  • Always carry Meds pots and Food.
  • If you're low on HP keep an eye out for Dagger Scouts. (They are cloaked.)
  • Trade crystals with each other early game so your team can rush out and build an Obelisk.
  • Dashing Left or Right can help you dodge some skills. *See Bunny Hop
  • Never jump if you're running away: it will only get you killed since they can see your shadow wherever you're going to land.

Trading QuicklyEdit

Trading quickly is often crucial to building and summon quickly. you can use to "T" button to accept trades quicker

Trick Jump

You can jump over steep mountains sometimes if you can find a semi flat part on the terrain, where you can jump to and not slide down. Then jump again to the flat spot, until you get on top of the mountain. This is very useful trick for cloaked scouts.

Bunny Hop

If you're trying to run away turn to your side and press [E] or [Q] then turn to your other side repeat so you will dash front instead of running depending on the terrain and place it's easier and safe to run away doing this. If you perfect this move you can survive longer.