Freezing wave is possibly the most useful skill a mage can have. It is the only true close range skill for mages and has a quick casting time, allowing for emergency uses. it is one of the only two knock back skills a mage has, the other being lightning C. It completely surrounds the user when casted and thus can send any enemy around the user flying (as well as slowing them for a time afterwards). This is especially handy for knocking away summons and players off cliffs and for countering the (annoying) punishing strike scouts who will likely target mages. Because it requires no aim, it is very effective against warriors who manage to get into close range with a mage, and its knockback ability allow to get distance with even emboldened warriors. It has a pw cost of 44, which means that at full pw, this move can be used twice (three times with a potion) before needing to recover. When used correctly, freezing wave (ice C) is what gives mages the advantage over warriors.

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