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Fantasy Earth Zero (FEZ), the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from the creators of two of the world’s most well-respected video game franchises in history, Final Fantasy® and Dragon Quest®, makes its way to North American gamers for the first time with its launch next year, thanks to Gamepot (USA)’s partnership with Square Enix. Long awaited by Final Fantasy and online gaming fans alike, Fantasy Earth Zero boasts a vast game world that puts epic warfare directly in the hands of the players, emphasizing bristling, epic-scale player vs. player (PvP) combat, loyalty to friends and defending your country against all threats. Fantasy Earth Zero combines fast-paced action, RPG elements and a player vs player vs environment (PvPvE) world.

In Fantasy Earth Zero, an era of peace ironically brings about war through the discovery of skills, which cause trivial disputes of the past to evolve into full-blown battles that throw the world into chaos. Kingdoms are created and destroyed over the years while their inhabitants fight for control of powerful crystals spread throughout the land. These crystals are the origins of everything in the world and their power can be used for a number of utilities, making them invaluable. With three distinct classes to choose from and five unique kingdoms vying for players’ allegiance, Fantasy Earth Zero provides challenging quests, pulse-pounding excitement and a nearly endless array of character customization options, making it an expansive and immersive online entertainment experience.

Imagine 300 style action with RPG classes and strategy elements. That's FEZ.

Information taken from FEZ Facebook

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