The Frequently Asked Questions page.

How to help out with wiki?Edit

Go here

What the heck is this game?Edit

If you missed this page I suggest you go read it a bit. Its basically a massive 50v50 pure PVP mmo/rts/shooter rpg game in short. If you don't like playing pvp games I suggest you go play a different game only since this game has really bad pve content.

Why won't the game start?Edit

You'll need to download the latest version of DirectX 9.0c

What's the best class?Edit

There is no best class due to the fact the game is balanced for the most part unless you get mobbed.

How do I level?Edit

By participating in wars or grinding on mobs. Although warring is generally faster.

What's the level cap?Edit

As of now it is 40 although plans of level 50 have been debated however no news of this has been heard since a year.

Why can't I use anymore items in war?Edit

You have most likely run out of cost. When you run out of cost you are unable to use anymore items until the end of the war. The usual amount of cost given to a player each war is 135. Use it wisely.

I can't mine anymore crystals what happened?Edit

You have exceeded your max amount of crystals you can mine or the crystal has run out of hp. The mine cap is 10 crystals for players level 1 to 10. For levels 11-20 the amount is equal to your level and for levels 35+ each additional level allows you to mine one more crystal.

I can't use my weapon any more, what to do?Edit

Your weapon's durability has run out so you will need to buy a whetstone in the tool shop for about 30 rings and use it on your item.

I can't gain anymore skill points!!Edit

No SP is rewarded after level 35+

How do I find my chat logs?Edit

Find the directory of where FEZ is located from there go to Settings->"Your Character Name"-> Logs-> Pick a log date

What does this____ mean?Edit

Go check in the Terminology page with ctrl+f

How do I reset skills?Edit

Get a Jar of Memories/Oblivion and give to the <Skill>Npc in your nation's capital