Zero Level AreasEdit

Land of OriginEdit

☆Level AreasEdit


☆Level AreasEdit

Goblin's ForkEdit

Level AreasEdit

Dagger IslandEdit

Mascus HeadwaterEdit

Warlock BattlefieldEdit

☆ Level AreasEdit

Browden BattlefieldEdit

Cidit SealandEdit

Claudia HeadwaterEdit

Claus MountainsEdit

Drangora WildernessEdit

Elghil HeightsEdit


Inbeh HeightsEdit

Jocoal HillEdit

Kincash BattlegroundEdit

Krora SnowlandsEdit

Lanath Castle RuinsEdit

Logmare BattlegroundEdit

Mt. Despire BaseEdit

Nicona RoadEdit

Selvane HeightsEdit

Shuer IslandEdit

Wednesday BattlefieldEdit

☆ Level AreasEdit

Arcturce CraterEdit

Capella CraterEdit

Spica CraterEdit

Wagnus' LandEdit

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