Damage is calculated a random value from your min damage to your max damage after applying enemy resistance

How to calculateEdit

Max ATK:Edit

[(Weapon ATK) x (Skill ATK (1*))]/100 + (Lv Bonus ATK (2*))

Min ATK:Edit

[(Weapon ATK) x 0.9 x (Skill ATK (1*))]/100

ATK will be the random value between Min ATK ~ Max ATK

ATK Enchant Effect Computation:Edit

(ATK) x (Attack Gain Value (3*) /100) = (X)

DEF Enchant Effect Computation:

1 - [ Resistance + (Guard Gain Value (4*) x 2) ]/400 = (Y)

Final Damage :Edit

{ (x) + ATK x (Y) } x [Inter-Class Adj. (5*) ]

(1*)....The Value displayed on Skill Bar

(2*)....Regardless with Classes, (Your Character Lv x 0.5) + 4.5

(3*)....If no Physical Attack Gain, then value = 0

(4*)....If no Physical Guard Gain, then value = 0

(5*)....|War. >> Sorc. | |Sorc. >> Sco.| |Sco. >> War.| : 0.9

...........|War.>>Sco.| |Sorc. >> War.| : 1.1

This means attack again is a % increase mutipler that ignores enemy defenses and defense gain is a static number which is added directly to your resistance ( although not shown)

Damage CalculatorsEdit

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