Corps are the clans or guilds in FEZ. Corps can go up to 5 levels and have a chat channel specific for corp members.

How to create a corpEdit

1.Talk to the <Corp Manager> at your capitial usually located in the military quarter

Netzavare Yelsord Hordaine Gevrandia Cesedria
F:7 D:2 E:6 D:4 D:4

2.Input a name for the corp Note: Corp name is case sensitive so two corps such as ILL and ill can exist at the same time

3.Press okay and pay up 3 rings

4.Congratz your guild is now create

Misc:You don't need to bring a large amount of people to make a corp, the only thing you need is 3 rings.

Corp Specific FunctionsEdit

  • Corp Chat
  • Location of where each member is
  • Corp Points
  • Corp Specific armor

Corp PermissionsEdit

Powers Captain VCP Soldier
Transfer Captain Yes No No
Promote VCP Yes No No
Expel Member Yes Yes No
Invite Yes Yes No
Leave No Yes Yes
Disband Yes No No

Corp Exp TableEdit

Emblem Level Amount Needed to Next Level Extra
Level1 1 200 n/a
Level2 2 500 Platoon Gear open
Level3 3 900 n/a
Level4 4 1400 Company Gear open
Level5 5 2000 n/a

How to obtain Corp ArmorEdit

  • Corp must be level 2 or 4 to obtain corp specific gear.
  • Corp gear cannot have its durability restored nor can it be enhanced
  • If you lose your corp gear you can still obtain it again
  • You may not have 2 identical pieces of corp armor in your inventory and bank

Platoon GearEdit

Corp must be level 2 or higher to obtain Platoon Gear.

Platoon Gear is all class equippable

1.Obtain Tool Shop Book, Strategic Commentaries,Skill Book, Armor Help and Weapon Book.

This is an exchange quest if you deliver x book you will recieve x item (You do not need to deliver it all at once!); You can recieve tool,weapon, and armor books from buying it their respective shops

List of Exchange

Tool Shop Help Helmet
Weapon Help Glove
Armor Help Legging
Strategic Commentaries Body
Skill Book Bottom

Strategic Commentaries and Skill Book can be found by talking to your Trainer NPC in your captial

Trainer Locations

Netzavare Yelsord Hordaine Gevrandia Cesedria
F:7 B:2 D:6 G:5 D:4

2.Return the Corp Manager NPC to recieve your equipment

Company GearEdit

Corp must be level 4 or higher to obtain Company gear

Company gear is class specific; No Company gear exists for Fencer and Cestus

1.You must have all of your platoon gear in your inventory non equipped

2.Ask the Corp manager npc for Company armor and your platoon set will be swapped with a Company set.