List of /commands and <commands> in FEZ


Name Command(s)
All Chat /all <text>
General Chat


/s <text>

Party Chat


/p <text>

Army Chat

/army <text>

/a <text>

Allied Nation Chat

/armysay <text>

/as <text>

Corp Chat

/force <text>

/f <text>


/tell <character name>

/t <character name>



<Command> Function
<tnm>/</t> Displays your target's name
<tar> Displays your target's class
<tcl> Displays your target's class
<tco> Displays your target's Kingdom
<cry> Displays the amount of crystals you have
<mco> Displays your target's Kingdom
<mnm> Displays your name
<mar> Displays your Corp's name
<pos> Displays coodinates of your position
<area> Displays the name of your current location
<hp> Displays your current HP
<hpp> Displays your HP percentage
<pw> Displays your current PW
<pwm> Displays your PW percentage
<msm> Displays your current summon
<tsm> Displays target's summon
br Forces a line break in your text (add <break/>)
<cntl> Displays name of continent you are currently on
<direc> Displays current camera position in(N,E,S,W)
<clock> Displays current game time


Fuction Command(s) Notes
Change equipment /eq "item name" /eq <itemslot#>

/eq can be replaced with /equip

Switches current equipment

Send SOS /sos Sends message for reinforcements
Edit comment /comment <message> Edit your comment
Search /search <conditions separated by a space>

Condition 1:Contienent Name

Condition 2: Field Name

Condition 3: Nation

Condition 4: Class

Condition 5:Level

Condition 6:Rank

Condition 7: Character Name

/search can be replaced by /sea

Dead Comment /deadcomment XX <message>

XX is an identifier for adding a dead comment to whatever state you died as

XX = no, kn, wr, gi, dr,ch

no= infantry

kn = knight

gi = giant

wr= wraith

chimera =ch

dragon =dr

/dc can be switch with /deadcomment

Check Commet

/check comment


Checks current dead comment
Add Blacklist /addblacklist<character name> Adds a character to your blacklist
List /List Lists chat commands
List pronouns /list pronoun Lists the channel chat commands
Help /help <chat command> Describes function of inputted chat command



Replaces nation icon with trainer icon; you need to have participated in at least 100 wars before this fuction becomes available



Replaces nation icon with crystal icon


Command Action
/Greet Greet
/Think Think
/Agree Agree
/Slap Slap
/Bow Bow
/Surprised Surprised
/Clap Clap
/Blush Blush
/Angry Angry
/Point Point
/Wave Wave
/Disgusted Disgusted
/Approach Approach
/Kneel Kneel
/Salute Salute
/Confuse Panic
/Pout Pout