Classes of Fantasy Earth Zero

The warrior boasts a powerful arsenal of offensive melee and defensive abilities. Warriors are capable of wielding two-handed greatswords and polearms or a one-handed weapon with a shield.

The scout specializes in a variety of long ranged and close combat skills. Supported by the Hide skill, they are able to harass their opponents in close-range combat with a variety of debuffs or assault their enemy from afar through the use of bows and guns.

Sorcerers harness the magical elements - Fire, Lightning, and Ice to harass their enemies and support their allies on the battlefield.

Fencers barrage their enemies with quick, light blows. Their strength lies in one on one combat with powerful and precise offensive melee skills complemented with high agility and evasion.

Cestus are an anti-structure class that can buff your own structures or destroy your enemie's structures quickly.

Relationship between ClassEdit

Warrior > Scout

Scout > Sorcerer

Sorcerer > Warrior

Damage Bonus between ClassesEdit

Warrior vs Scout

(+10% Warrior -10% Scout)

Scout vs Sorcerer

(+20% Scout -10% Sorcerer)

Sorcerer vs Warrior

(+10% Sorcerer -10% Warrior)

Play class 01

NOTE :This does not mean that you need to play that class X to kill class Y. It's only to point out the strength and weakness of a class.

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