To the South West, Akelnar, The United Kingdom of Cesedria

Sacred Queen Tiffarith rules over the United Kingdom of Cesedria. A royal elf, Queen Tiffarith has many supporters and even more elf-hating detractors, luckily her bodyguard, Winbyne, is always at her side. She is a true pacifist, and only belives in war as the last option.



Shelune ReserveEdit

Telcanon RuinsEdit

Tilket GrasslandEdit


Colante PlainEdit

Haideln HighlandEdit

Hannahannah IslandEdit

Norvsek PlateauEdit


Abel's CanyonEdit

Amber Step PlainsEdit

Lineley CanyonEdit

Lowgrove PlateauEdit

Tamalaya HeadwaterEdit



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