The World of Melpharia


The world of Melpharia is Divided into a set of islands in the west and 5 continents fighting for control over 1 central territory. The continents are divided into 5 different Kingdoms all fighting for supremacy. These are those kingdoms:

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To the North, the Continent of Pedestal, The Kingdom of Yelsord

The Kingdom of Yelsord controls all of the land of the Pedestal continent. The current ruler is King Naiass, the Duke of Yelsord. His governance has resulted in a well balanced country that swells with power. The nation favors knowledge over might, and those under Naiass work to expand the domain of the kingdom of Yelsord. King Naiass Himself watches the plans for expansion with a careful eye, always eager to spread knowledge throughout the world...

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To the North East, ' the Continent of ' Oreole, The Kingdom of Hordaine The kingdom of Hordaine controls the Oreole continent and is led by the charismatic Queen Wadritte Belkstein Hordaine. The overwhelming Charisma of Queen Wadritte inspires efforts to both calm the unrest local regions and conquer the lands around the kingdom.The kingdom of Hordaine is the most youuthful and active country in the land of Melpharia, yet remains fiercely loyal to the sometimes hot-tempered Queen Wadritte.

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To the South East, ' the Continent of ' Strictor, The Gevrandian Empire The Gevrandian Empire rules the entirety of the Strictor continent with an iron fist-a military society that has survived eras of conflict and birthed an aristocratic class of former warlords. Emperor Lyle C'Velda Geburand seeks to end the aristocrats' chokehold on the country, and bring true society of equality. Brash and confident, Emperor Lyle believes it is his destiny to bring about this new world...

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To the South West, ' the Continent of ' Akelnar, The United Kingdom of Cesedria Sacred Queen Tivarece rules over the United Kingdom of Cesedria. A royal elf, Queen Tivarece has many supporters and even more elf-hating detractors, luckily her bodyguard, Winvene, is always at her side. She is a true pacifist, and only belives in war as the last option.

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To the North West, the Continent of ' Victorion, The Kingdom of Netza'vare The Kingdom of Netzavare controls all land on the Victorion continent. Said to be home of a witch in antiquity, many non-human species call this country home. Netzavare is relatively peaceful internally thanks to the rule of its beastly king, King Huenkel. This noble king was once human, now cursed by a witch to take a lion's form. He rules with kindness and compassion; while his ferocity in battle is legendary.

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