This Class boasts a powerful offense and solid defensive ability.

Long-distance attack by the bow, use both a surprise attack by dagger classes.

Powerful magic, different classes can have a good command.

This powerful class can count with the powers of the elements such as FIRE , ICE & LIGHTING

Continuous attacks utilizing the lightness, the class that good at fighting at close range with a single high-power and skills.

"Cestus" is to have a high attack power architecture, cestus specific "school" by changing the "Building effective skills" as well as "enemy character useful skills" classes can also be used.

Relationship between ClassEdit

Warrior > Scout > Sorceres this mean that Warriors are good VS Scouts , Scouts are good VS Soreceres, and Sorceres are good VS Warriors.

Play class 01

NOTE :This does not mean that you need to play that class to kill X class, they only say that they are good against those type of classes.

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