This page shows the american corps which are playing/active on HK server. If anyone have created a new corp on HK server, please leave your corps name here, as well as any Voice Chat server info (Ventrillo,Raidcall, etc.) that may help new players get in. Thank~

  • Crossed out lines mean inactive or dead corps, is a forum that's been active since late June 2012. It is not just a corps forum but a community for all of the North American FEZ players. If you'd like to play HK FEZ, we can help you get started.

Kingdom of NetzavareEdit

  • NAmeless
  • BraveSoul
  • Stargaze
  • GERA
  • Majestic 
  • on9psSquad
  • VALKYRIES (actives remade a new corps)

Kingdom of YelsordEdit

  • 200
  • DestinyHK
  • Extreme
  • Muerte

Gevrandian EmpireEdit

  • 魔术MAHOU魔術
  • Monkeys
  • PIE (LV1)
  • RevengeHK
  • Evvol
  • Evolution

Kingdom of CesedriaEdit

  • FederationEN
  • AoiTsuki
  • PandaINC
  • DERP
  • Noblesse
  • Organization
  • RoyalNYT
  • Academy

Kingdom of HordaineEdit

  • All inactive

Dirge (active time: 5-10pm EST)




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