This is a repost of a guide made by Define of Gamepotusa forums

Priorities for Frozen enemyEdit

[After fencer patch]

-Rank A (to kill) Shield Bash - Absolute priority

-Rank B (over 400dmg)

Fire D - for all enemy

BT+HS - for mage or bscout only

PS to mage (to other class is Rank C)

-Rank C (300-400dmg or 200dmg+slow)

Heavy Smash - for all enemy

DT+HS - for noob only lol

Ice A(+ Light A)

Punishing Strike

Finish Thrust (atk enchanted)

-Rank D (200-300dmg)

DT - don't use to single enemy

Light D - don't use to single enemy

Ice D - for many other enemy around the frozen enemy

Fire B + Light A Light B + Light A Blaze Shot + Power Shot - for mage only Finish Thrust (non enchanted)

Rank E other skill

Scouts and non-enchanted fencer should not touch the frozen enemy

Priorities for stunned enemyEdit

you need to kill enemy in 4 sec, so you must not atk with low-dmg skill

-Rank A

Guard Break

Fire D

Heavy Smash

-Rank B

Finish Thrust

Fire B

Light B

Ice A

Ice D - for many other enemy around the stunned enemy Smash Earth Stamper DT - don't use to single enemy PS - but good scout aim ps to other enemy around the stunned enemy

-Rank C

Blaze Slash

Power Shot - for mage only Light A

-Bad behavior - but Situational other bow skill Light D - you may be called "saitei dana" Light C Ice C Slam Attack Crumble Storm Down Drive Normal Attack

Good bscouts dont touch stunned enemy, but aim mage around the stunned enemy

Priorities for down-driven enemyEdit

-Rank A

Ice B

Ice D

Fire D

Heavy Smash

Punishing Strike

-Rank B

Finish Thrust

Fire B

Ice A - only 100 dmg but slow is more priorities Earth Stamper

-Rank C other skill

-Bad behavior bow skill Light D - 1 hit only DT - 1 hit only Shield Bash - you just give stun-immune to enemy

when you hit down drive, you should see around for ally.

Priorities for swarming enemy around ally stunned/frozenEdit

you should save the ally as possible

-Knock Down - if ally side has less infantry than enemy Light C Ice C Piercing Shot Crumble Storm

-AoE - if ally side has more infantry than enemy DT BT*3 Light D Earth Stamper Ice D Fire D

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